How to Grill Corn On the Cob

How to grill corn

Grilled corn is one of the best things about summer! This easy recipe will guide you through how to perfectly grill corn!

I know it’s September, and while most of you are starting to focus more on soup and casseroles and less on the grill, I still wanted to share this recipe with you! One of my favorite recipes for the grill happens to be corn! So simple, yet so delicious!

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Have you ever wondered how to grill corn? Over the years we’ve played around with different methods of grilling corn. We tried cooking the corn with the husks still on, and with the husks off. We also tried cooking corn in foil. The method I’m going to share today is the one that has worked the best for us!

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I always spread butter over the corn while it’s still hot and sprinkle it with salt and pepper. Some people get really creative with the toppings by adding a variety of seasonings and herbs, but I’ve always preferred the simplistic route.

One of the most important aspects to successfully grill corn is to choose fresh, juicy, ripe corn. Make sure the corn you choose has bright green husks. I like to pull back part of the husk in the grocery store to make sure that the ear of corn I am buying looks okay.

Grilled corn is definitely one of the best things about summer! This recipe is super easy and the end result should be perfectly grilled corn. Enjoy! 

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How to Grill Corn On the Cob

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  • 4-8 ears of corn, husks still in tact
  • Kosher salt and coarse ground black pepper
  • Butter
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  1. Prep the corn by removing several of the outer husks, but leaving enough of them in-tact so that the corn is still covered. 
  2. Carefully pull the remaining husks down to expose the corn, but do not rip them off. Remove all of the silk from the corn, then put the husks back in place so that the corn is covered.
  3. Fill a clean sink with water and soak the corn for 20-30 minutes. This will help prevent the husks from burning (although, they will still get the charred look).
  4. Pre-heat your grill to medium heat, around 350 degrees. Remove the corn from the water and shake off the excess water.
  5. Place the corn, with the husks still in tact on the grill and cook for about 15-20 minutes. Rotate the corn every 5 minutes so that all sides can cook.
  6. At this point you can remove the corn from the grill, or you can pull the husks back and place the corn directly on the grill if you’d like a charred look. Just be sure not to over-cook the corn, otherwise it’ll be mushy.
  7. Allow the corn to cool for a few minutes before carefully removing the husks. This part can be a bit messy. Spread butter over the warm corn and season with salt and pepper. Serve immediately.

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  1. I do mine in micro for 2 min. in husk and u don’t have to bother with all the silk.

  2. Jewelz Elaine StylzsSuga

    Because the ‘shell’ shoud be left on it during ‘COOKTIME’.

  3. Jewelz Elaine StylzsSuga

    I apologize it seems to be good. Sorry I spoke too soon.

  4. I have done your method before, but found a much easier tasty way! Take all your corn with husks still in place, cut off the bottom of cob about an inch. put on a microwavable plate, cook 1 minute per cob. After done wait 2 minutes, and peel back the husk, it just slides off easily silks and all. butter, & salt & pepper each cob, roll in foil. that’s it…. yumdigity!

  5. I like to boil it with butter, milk, sugar and pepper. So good that way.

  6. Lynnette Christman

    This is how they make it at the state fair too ! Soaking the cobs in ice water adds moisture and allows the corn to steam itself inside the husks. Soooo good !

  7. MaryBeth Wieboldt Dillon

    I remember helping my Dad prepare fresh corn on the cob (we would help the farmer pick the corn that morning – can’t get any fresher than that) when I was a little girl (I’m 65 now). We would remove the silk and a few outer layers of husk and he would soak the corn in the sink. Mmmmm!

  8. Lynette Salata Hochstedler

    Sounds yummy and a job for Super Douglas Kazmierczak s grill

  9. Lara Vincent Martinson

    We’ll raost 2-3 dozen at the end of the summer. Take off all the kernels & freeze in Quart size zip locks for eating over the winter. It’s still as yummy as ever!

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