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Hey you guys! Happy Saturday! Welcome to this week’s edition of Saturday’s Something, my time to share a glimpse into life outside of the kitchen.

He’s here! It seems like just yesterday that I told you that I was expecting and now he is here and our lives are changed forever. If you’ve been following along with the Team Ryan page, you already know that he arrived almost THREE WEEKS AGO! Yes it has taken me almost three weeks to get this post together. It’s been a little crazy adjusting to life with our new little man with a chemo treatment thrown into the mix. But… without further ado… meet Miles! Our sweet little Miles was born on August 10th at 2:31 AM. He was 8 pounds and 20 inches.

Meet miles 2

I was scheduled to be induced on August 9th at 39 weeks to work around Ryan’s chemo schedule. My doctor had said that as long as things were progressing along, getting induced would be an option during my 39th week. I was relieved, just because I had dreams that I’d go into labor while Ryan was getting chemo which is a three day process every other week. It all worked out and we went to the hospital around 11AM on August 9th to get the show on the road. It was so unreal to leave the house that day knowing that when I returned, it’d be with a baby in my arms.

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I’ll spare you all of the unnecessary details and just sum up his arrival in a few sentences. Things progressed pretty perfectly until the very end when everything kinda stalled. Around 6:00 PM my doctor came in and said she thought by 8:00 we’d have a baby. And then 8PM came and went and no baby. The problem? Apparently Miles’ head was too big and he was “sunny side up.” At some point after midnight, my nurse had me try to do some pushing to see if we could avoid a c-section but they determined that the only way he was going to get out was with a c-section. At that point I was so ready to just get him out that I didn’t care that they had to cut me open to make that happen.

Meet miles 1

If you’ve had a c-section before, you know it goes quick! They had Ryan change into some scrubs, and before I knew it, they had me on the operating table and we were ready to get started. I blinked my eyes and suddenly I heard the most beautiful (loud!!) cries from our baby boy. The second I heard his cry, the tears started flowing and they didn’t stop. I was so relieved that he was here! Ryan got to go be with him as they cleaned him up, made sure he was healthy, and took some footprints while they put me back together. 

Meet miles 3

Recovery has not been as bad as I expected. Miles was born on Sunday morning and by Tuesday morning I was released from the hospital. It was so nice to get home! We were so excited for Miles to meet his big sissies. Lila and Mali just LOVE him.  They went crazy when we walked in the door with him!

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The first round of chemo after Miles arrived was a little difficult for me. I think I had underestimated how nice it is to have an extra set of hands. Ryan is hooked up to a chemo pump for two days after his main infusion so I was on my own for about three days. But, we survived! Yet another round of chemo is this week, so wish us luck! Below is Miles’ Chemo outfit “born to win” in colon cancer blue! You like? This was Ryan and Miles on the first chemo day since his arrival:

Meet miles 6

We are so blessed to have little Miles join our family. He is our miracle for more reason than one… our little Miracle Miles!


So many of you have been wondering how Ryan is doing (thank you!) so I thought I’d give a little update on him. The week before Miles was born, another couple going through a very similar situation shared our story on their blog, Cocktails and Chemo. You can read it here.  I was introduced to Joe and Amanda back in January, thanks to a couple of you who read my initial post when we found out Ryan had cancer. I hate that there is another family going through the heartache that we are going through, yet it is so nice to know that we aren’t alone. After Amanda shared our story, donations started pouring in to our GiveForward account. Blown away is an understatement. Literally hundreds of people, over 400 to be exact, donated to support us and as of writing this post, almost $10,000 has been donated. Unreal! We feel so blessed and couldn’t be more appreciative.

Chemotherapy continues for Ryan. After this week he will have another scan and we are hoping to see that chemo continues to work. This week will be round #14 for him. Each round of chemo seems to get a little bit more difficult for him. In the very beginning, he was back to work by the next day. When he switched drugs in May, he found himself in bed for 2-3 days. Now it seems to be taking a good five days before he starts feeling better again, and even then, he experiences some delayed side effects and the fatigue comes and goes. As long as chemo is working, the side effects are worth it.

While I was off having a baby… what have you been up to? Let me know in the comments below! :)



PS: Because I’d hate to leave you hanging without new mouth-watering recipes to try, I’ve got a bunch of recipes scheduled and ready to go for you! Please just know, however, that I might be a little slow responding to comments for the next few weeks while I enjoy as many baby snuggles as possible!

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