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Welcome to CenterCutCook! Ashley Wagner is the creator and founder of CenterCutCook, an image and video centric recipe blog that began in 2011 after Ashley spent some time in education, teaching math and technology to middle school students .

CenterCutCook has a diverse group of loyal readers and visitors looking for delicious, easy recipes to prepare for those that they love. With over 1 million visitors each month, and over 600,000 fans on Facebook, Ashley is so proud of the success of CenterCutCook.

Here, visitors are able to browse through nearly 1,000 delicious, easy, and approachable recipes (browse recipe index here). Everyone that visits is able to find something that they enjoy and they always come back looking for more.

Ashley is 100% self-taught but comes from a background of women that know how to cook! She lives in the Chicagoland area with her two dogs Lila and Mali (Biewer Terriers), and her son, Miles.

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A personal note from Ashley:

December 2013 was a year that changed my life in unimaginable ways. My husband (high school sweethearts and married for 10 years at the time) Ryan and I found out we were expecting our first child and one week later at 29 years old he was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer. I wrote about it here.

Our son was born healthy in August 2014, but at eight weeks old he had a seizure and we discovered he was in kidney failure. Further testing revealed that he had a rare disease called Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1 which would require both liver and kidney transplants. We began daily dialysis on our eight week old baby. I wrote about it here.

At 18 months old, our son received his life-saving liver transplant from a deceased donor and one year later, when he was two and a half years old he received his kidney transplant from a living donor after being on dialysis for nearly his entire life. Today he is healthy and thriving and I will forever be an advocate for organ donation, seeing first hand how it powerfully impacts so many lives.

Meanwhile, for four years, Ryan very courageously fought for more time with his family and to be able to witness his baby get the liver and kidney transplants that he needed. His story is one of endurance, having gone through more than 70 rounds of chemotherapy.

In January 2018, Ryan was finally free from pain and from cancer when he passed away at 33 years old. Our story will always be one of faith, hope, strength, courage, and love and we documented much of it on our Team Ryan Page on Facebook.

So much of who I am today revolves around my experiences of the last four years, watching my husband fight for his life and go through round after round of chemotherapy, while I watched our baby boy go through 5-7 days of dialysis each week waiting for his life-saving transplants.

My hope is that CenterCutCook will be your go-to for delicious recipes to make for those that you love, but I also hope our story can serve as a reminder that time has a way of showing us what truly matters and I hope you’re able to make the most of your time, realizing life is fragile; beautiful, but fragile.