Best Cauliflower Recipes



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Cauliflower is so often overlooked! When you are meandering through the produce aisle of your grocery store , cauliflower doesn’t always jump out at you as the fresh veggie you can add to nearly any meal. It’s time to give that cauliflower a second look though because there are so many ways to get creative with cauliflower!!

I pulled together my top ten best cauliflower recipes for you. Each one is unique and there are step by step instructions for how to make everything from creamy cauliflower and bacon soup to cheesy low-carb cauliflower “bread” sticks. I’ve included a carnitas bowl with cauliflower rice. There is a fantastic recipe for mashed cauliflower that will compete with your favorite mashed potato recipe, and I even included a copycat recipe from a terrific restaurant called Girl and the Goat!

Cauliflower is a great source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and dietary fiber. It works so well in place of starch in recipes for things like pizza crust, and can dress up your plain old stir fry. All of my recipes here call for white cauliflower because it’s what is most readily available, but if you love to peruse the local farmer’s market, you will see varieties of purple, orange, and even light green! Tasty AND gorgeous! Be adventurous and try them all! Then report back and tell me YOUR favorite way to use cauliflower in your recipes!


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