Best Salad Recipes



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Salads are so simple to make, but if you are anything like me, it can be easy to get stuck in a lettuce rut. So I took a little time to lay out my very favorite salad recipes for you; in fact, I think they are the very best!

Some of these salads make amazing sides while others are full-on hearty main meals. Often I find salad inspiration in other dishes I adore, so there are several recipes centered around delicious meals like tacos.

I included a quinoa salad that remains in my top recipes, a corn salad that is perfect on the side of everything, and a broccoli salad that will make you the star of the next potluck or cookout! There’s a cucumber salad that is crisp and fresh, and a BLT salad that tastes just like summer. There is a link to How to make a Mason Jar Salad so you can stock up your fridge and take salads for lunch! I even added pasta to one for the carb lover in us all.

So whether Thai flavors are what make you swoon, or you need a great Italian salad to accompany your lasagna, I just know you’ll find a few perfect salads to satisfy the need for some green crunchy goodness.


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