Best Muffin Recipes



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Muffins are the perfect addition to any breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea, or cup of coffee. They are fluffy and portable. Easy to eat in the car or while you walk down the street. Muffins come in so many shapes and sizes! I have my favorite recipes for stuffed, frosted, sweet, savory, dense, and fluffy. You can stud your muffins with chocolate chips or lace them with spinach and bacon.

I have muffins that use yogurt in place of the butter, and muffins that bake up with extra height. For me, the best muffin recipes suit my mood which means that my favorites really depend on what day you ask me. But these 12 recipes top my list and never fail me. There is something for every occasion on this list! Want to bring a basket to neighbors? Go Blueberry Crumb. Having brunch guests? Surprise them with Cheese and Bacon. Craving those Starbucks fall favorites? You need Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins. Also — I am always up for new flavor combos! So tell me your favorites.


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