Chocolate Lasagna

Chocolate lasagna

This is for YOU, the chocolate lover out there who is looking for a chocolate-y treat that is actually quite light! Chocolate Lasagna is a dessert you don’t want to miss!

When Ryan told me that this fabulous Chocolate Lasagna ranks up there on his list of favorite desserts of all time, I knew I had to share it with you. Just looking at the layers upon layers of goodness, you can tell it’s going to be worth salivating over!

You will begin with the crust which consists of crushed Oreos mixed with a little butter. You will want to use regular Oreos versus the Double Stuff variety and you’ll need all 36 cookies that come in a typical package of Oreos (minus the 1 or 2 or 3 that you are obligated to sample before crushing them…).

Chocolate lasagna 3


After pressing the cookie/butter mixture into a 9 x 13 inch baking pan, you’ll get working on the layers! What I love about this recipe is that the layers are actually quite light. Maybe not in calories, but this dessert will NOT sit in your stomach like a brick like some desserts! 

The first layer is a white layer which consists of cream cheese that you’ve whipped until fluffy, sugar, a little milk, and some Cool Whip. Not whipped cream, Cool Whip! Once that’s spread over the chocolate-y Oreo crust, you’ll prep the chocolate layer!

Chocolate lasagna 4

The chocolate layer is simply chocolate pudding. Seriously, how easy is that? You will need two boxes of chocolate instant pudding. Make sure it’s instant pudding guys, and not the cook and serve variety. I didn’t realize that I had bought the cook and serve kind, so I sat there whisking and whisking…. and whisking the mixture waiting for it to thicken up and it never did. Then I realized what I had done and had to make an emergency trip to the grocery store to buy instant pudding!

At any rate, once the pudding has thickened up a bit, you’ll spread it over the white layer. Yum yum. At this point, let it rest for about five minutes before continuing on to the next step. 

Chocolate lasagna 5

The very last layer is simply a little more Cool Whip that you’ll spread over the top. Because this is Chocolate Lasagna, I figured I’d throw in just a bit more chocolate to complete the experience of Chocolate Lasagna, so I sprinkled a bunch of mini chocolate chips on top. It was the perfect addition!

If you’re familiar with the Chocolate Lasagna that Olive Garden serves (served? I hear they no longer sell it), this is nothing like it. Their layers were more cake-like while this Chocolate Lasagna is just light and fluffy layers of pudding, and Cool Whip with a little cream cheese mixed in.

We really loved this Chocolate Lasagna. Each layer complimented the next just perfectly! And, it makes a big 9 x 13 inch pan so that you will have plenty for sharing. Oh, and did I mention that it’s a no-bake treat? I love it when I come across a fantastic treat that requires no oven! Enjoy!

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Chocolate Lasagna

Chocolate lasagna 2

Prep Time: 20mn
Cook Time: N/A
Total Time: 1hr 20mn


Need to convert the measurements? Click here!


  1. Begin by crushing 36 Oreo cookies. I used my food processor for this, but you could also place them in a large ziplock bag and crush them with a rolling pin. When the Oreos have turned into fine crumbs, you are done.
  2. Transfer the Oreo crumbs to a large bowl. Stir in 6 tablespoons melted butter and use a fork to incorporate the butter into the cookie crumbs. When the butter is distributed, transfer the mixture to a 9 x 13 inch baking dish. Press the crumbs into the bottom of the pan. Place the pan in the refrigerator while you work on the additional layers.
  3. Mix the cream cheese with a mixer until light and fluffy. Add in 2 Tablespoons of milk, and sugar, and mix well. Stir in 1 and 1/4 cups Cool Whip. Spread this mixture over the crust.
  4. In a bowl, combine chocolate instant pudding with 3 and 1/4 cups cold milk. Whisk for several minutes until the pudding starts to thicken. Use a spatula to spread the mixture over the previous cream cheese layer. Allow the dessert to rest for about 5 minutes so that the pudding can firm up further.
  5. Spread the remaining Cool Whip over the top. Sprinkle mini chocolate chips evenly over the top. Place in the freezer for 1 hour, or the refrigerator for 4 hours before serving.

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  1. Katie

    This looks amazing! I love that it is no bake. I was just looking for a dessert to make for Easter. I think I’ve found it!

    • Anonymous

      Making mine right now and of course I have to lick the spoon of everything and OMG everything tastes sooooooooo good!!!!!! Oh I also used the cooked chocolate pudding as it is much better then instant, cooled it a bit then spread over the cream cheese layer. Just waiting now to spread the last of the cool whip.

      • Awesome, I hope you enjoyed it!

      • Anonymous

        How did regular pudding work?

      • Anonymous

        Did you use the directions on the box when using the cooked pudding? Also did you still use 2 boxes of pudding?

      • mada

        hey, I am from Romania and I was wondering if I could replace cool whip with regular whipped cream ? :D

        aaaaand what is cream cheese exactly ? we don’t have that here, only regular cow cheese, or salty cream cheese :D

        please help <3 I want to make this delicious thing :D

      • Anonymous

        Aw,you poor thing. Cool whip rocks! Have you ever had redi-whip? In the aerosol can. Well, cool whip is 100 times better tasting.and instant pudding is just mixed with milk, easy! Yes, we are spoiled!

      • Luci

        Are you supposed to take the insides of the Oreo’s out or do you leave them in when you crush them??

      • You crush them whole.

      • Sandra

        I have replaced Cool whip with whipped cream that has been stabilized with gelatin. The reason you do this is so that the cram doesn’t collapse after a while.

      • Jess

        Does it taste like a cheese cake

      • Jess

        Does it taste like a cheese cake? . Is it a chocolate cheese cake?

      • Mada,
        here is some info on what we Americans call cream cheese: Neufch√Ętel is a soft, slightly crumbly, mould-ripened cheese made in the French region of Normandy. One of the oldest cheeses in France, its production is believed to date back to the 6th century. You can use Neufchatel cheese the same way. Our cream cheese is blended to have a more creamy consistency. I hope you enjoy it. P.S. Cool Whip is fake whipped cream, it is highly emulsified vegetable oil :( it works great in these kind of recipes because is holds up well, unlike real whipped cream which tends to melt if not kept very cold.

      • Elaine williams

        I too think the cooked chocolate
        Pudding in the chocolate lasagna !

    • Anonymous

      Is anyone reading this from aus or nz?!

      Cause wtf is cool whip & instant pudding and the units of measurement need to be converted!

      • Anonymous

        Cool whip is whip cream that does’t contain very much cream at all. It is bought frozen and when you unthaw it you have a tub of already made whip cream. So buying some cream and whipping it would pretty much be the same and would be much better for you. I think one container of cool whip would be around 4 cups of whipped cream that you make yourself. As for the instant pudding it is just pudding powder that you add milk to and it makes pudding in a few mins. Same as in Australia just a different brand name.

      • Anonymous

        I’m from south aus. Cool whip is imitation whipped cream.

      • Anonymous

        Try mascarpone instead of the cream cheese and real cream instead of “Cool Whip.”

      • Thanks for the tip!

      • Anonymous

        U can just use normal thick cream!

      • Anonymous

        Instant pudong made by Greggs in all supermarket dessert aisle. Just add milk & whip. Would love to know what substitute there is for cool whip. Happy baking.

      • I discovered this alternative for stable heavy cream that would work well: []

      • Sonja O'Hehir

        Instant whip (Pudding) or Dream Topping (cool whip)? Maybe you have that? That’s what we call it here in Ireland. You could substitute chantilly cream (fresh cream with a little vanilla and Icing sugar-to taste)that would be similar for the cool whip, chocolate flavoured custard for the pudding.

      • Cool whip would most likely be whipped cream in a can. I might use both the canned whipped cream and whip up some normal cream as I like the flavour of normal cream.

        And isntant pudding is made by Greggs or Hansels here – found in the desert aisle where Aunty Betty steamed puddings are and canned fruit.

      • Anonymous

        Cool whip is whipped cream in a tub or aerosol type container, wish I knew the conversions but you can google it. Hope this helps :)

      • Anonymous

        Aw,you poor thing. Cool whip rocks! Have you ever had redi-whip? In the aerosol can. Well, cool whip is 100 times better tasting.and instant pudding is just mixed with milk, easy! Yes, we are spoiled!

      • Anonymous

        Instant Pudding would be Angel Delight and IT don’t know what Cool whip is.

      • Anonymous

        Cool whip is actually hydrogenated oil which is not good for you. Try real whipping cream

      • gail from oz

        instant pudding you buy from supermarket in the dessert isle I think white wings make it and normal cream will be fine you could even mix the cream cheese with the cream and just have normal cream on the top Yummo!!

      • ChrissyAl

        Oh my god, I was thinking the same. Americans have too much of their own stuff, other people can’t use their recipes for shit unless we find some sort of substitute for it…

      • Anonymous

        Cool Whip contains no dairy at all. It’s a whipped topping that’s made of oil. And while it tastes good, it’s completely artificial and totally horrible for you. Instant pudding is, as another pointed out, a pudding mix that thickens without having to be cooked. (Jello makes the best tasting instant chocolate pudding, but there are others that aren’t bad either.) You can also use chocolate mousse if you can’t find pudding.

        As for units of measurement, I’m sure you can find a website that will do all the conversions for you. I’ve found them going the other direction over the years when I’ve found a recipe that isn’t done in the measurement units that I’m used to. Just google it.

      • Nocole

        Lol @ anonymous ^^
        I’m from aus and Nz and just asked my mum the same thing – wtf is cool whip? Going to google it now ;)

    • Anonymous

      This looks yummy

      • Anonymous

        Could you make this a couple of days ahead of time

      • Definitely! It’ll stay fresh for several days!

    • jackie

      If you use oreo cookie crumbs from box how much would you use?

    • gail davis

      I made this for my nephews birthday. He lives in Delaware. I live in Philadelphia.I took a little taste test. Sorry it did not make it to Delaware. I love it. I will have to make him another one.

      • Yay! I’m so glad you’re a fan Gail. Thanks for the message and happy birthday to your nephew!

      • Vonni Hardy

        Gail, I just read your comment and had to laugh! Your nephew must live in southern Delaware (I’m from DE too). This must be good since Delaware is just south of Philly!!

    • Tammy

      A local restaurant has this as a regular dessert they call it “Death by Chocolate”…..


    • shannon

      Instant pudding and real coolwhip are the way to go

    • Martha

      This is the recipe for Chocolate Pudding that I promised – see reply to Aug 14 message. First make the mix – keep this mix and make the pudding as and when you need it – it stores well.
      3/4 cup powdered milk
      1 cup cornflour (cornstarch)
      1 cup sugar
      3/4 cup cocoa powder
      1/2 tsp salt Mix all these ingredients well and keep in a tub. When you need to make the pudding combine 2 cups of milk and 2/3 cup of the mix. Bring mixture to a boil then down to a simmer and keep mixing it so it does not burn. When nice and thick remove from heat and spoon it into a bowl or 4 individual serving dishes and let cool. It’s not “instant” but WOW is it good. You will need to spoon the cool pudding into the chocolate lasagna but it works.

    • i agree with you

    • Randy Rightnowar

      it looks really good but my family is called of the four layer dessert for about 20 years never what you guys are calling it but it’s pretty much the same thing as what you’re making

  2. Wendy


    • Anonymous

      I wonder if he knows he could have put the pudding on the stove, cooked it, let it cool and used it instead of running to the store to buy instant? (Instant pudding is nasty!)

      • Melissa

        I agree, I do not care for the instant pudding. I make the best pie with cook and serve pudding and add a little chocolate powder to it.I wonder if you use the same white topping as before with the cream cheese if it would be better.

      • Anonymous

        I thought the exact same thing. I mean, why would you want instant over the regular? It tastes so much better.

      • What can I say? I’ve actually never had regular pudding. I know, it’s probably a sin. Adding it to the list of things I must try! Actually, I am probably better off trying a “from-scratch” recipe for pudding, although in this case, it’s nice to have one that comes together quick!

      • Jessica

        Call me weird, but I love instant pudding and hate cooked pudding.

      • I think it’s just a matter of preference! I have yet to try the cooked kind, but have never been unhappy with the instant. So I guess I’m with you- I enjoy the instant!

      • Anonymous

        The cook and serve will work BUT will not be as light. The taste is different as well. Cook and serve has a denser stronger flavor while the instant has more of an airy flavor. Which I prefer depends on my mood. I like both though.

      • Carol daSilva

        I agree that instant pudding is nasty……it tastes like nothing. And Cool Whip is a petroleum product…….takes like plastic and coats your mouth in a greasy substance. Use the real thing.

  3. Amanda

    Drooling over here!

  4. Julie Ollerhead

    My husband and I are the only ones in our house and I am a big chocolate lover. This maybe too much for us though, because he won’t eat a lot where I could eat the whole thing. Can this be cut in half or something like that?
    Thanks for you help and keeping me from going into Diabetic shock.

    • Julie – it certainly can be cut in half. Just use an 8×8 or 9×9 inch pan instead of the 9 x 13 and cut everything in half. Enjoy!

      • Pat

        I’ve made this lot’s of times. I make the whole recipe and put what we don’t use in the freezer. Then we can take it out for later. It freezes well and I actually like it better frozen.

      • We’ve tried it frozen too now, and I agree, it’s delicious!

    • Melissa

      I was going to cut it in half for the same reason.

      • Randy

        I was going to double it for the same reason… LOL

    • Phyllis

      I made this with lowfat items and it was great, there are ways to cut the calories..I used sugar free pudding ( I am diabetic) and its great..Moderation is the key word!

      • Awesome, Phyllis! That’s the beauty of recipes is that they can be changed to suit our tastes and dietary needs. Thanks for the feedback!

      • Anonymous

        Also use dark chocolate as better again for diabetics. Looks yummy.

      • I have a chocolate Factory you want to buy a chocolate ???

      • Anonymous

        And there are gluten free Oreos out there for anyone with a gluten allergy. Just be sure the brand of pudding you buy is also gluten free ( gotta check the labels!)

      • Thanks for the tip!

    • Anonymous

      It will also freeze well

      • kellyn

        I am wondering how you would go about freezing this chocolate lasagna dessert? I have made it numerous times but have not froze it as of yet for any length of time other than the hour it says you can after you make it. Ty

    • PJ

      I make to normal recipes and donate 1/2 to some one who doesn’t bake. Usually my Mother or an elderly Uncle. This way they have some thing “home made” to share with their friends.

    • Anonymous

      Ya jus gotta give some away hun. I am also a chocolate freak!

  5. Bee

    This sounds amazing! But I am a huge fan of chocolate and peanut butter so I was wondering about substituting nutter butters for the Oreos. Since they are a little bigger I was thinking maybe I should use a few less…What do you think?

    • Hi Bee- nutter butters would be a great substitution. Perhaps go by ounces instead? A package of Oreos is about 15 ounces, so use the same for the Nutter Butters. I think it’d turn out great though!

      • Kathy

        That sounds good with a butterscotch pudding.

      • There are SO many variations I’ve thought of to try next with this recipe! I think butterscotch pudding would be great!

    • Anonymous

      I made it with nutterbuttrrs and peanutbutter chips it was good

  6. Ally

    I was wondering if you could make this with a brownie base instead of oreos as my husband doesn’t like oreos at all! Thanks!

    • Ally- a brownie base sounds fantastic! I say go for it! :)

      • Anonymous

        I have made this for several years using brownies as the base. It’s wonderful! I also use chopped pecans on top instead of the chocolate chips.

      • Gary

        I made it with the Golden Oreo’s and banana’s cream pudding and sliced bananas in the pudding everyone liked it.

      • Karen Barber

        The picture looks like cake as the bottom layer not crushed oreos. ..??

      • It’s definitely crushed Oreos. :)

  7. Melissa

    One more thing… I am going to put chocolate curls on top instead of the chips.

    • Chocolate curls will look beautiful on top! Great idea.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a fantastic idea. I hope you don’t mind if I copy you. They do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :)

    • Anonymous

      I make a chocolate ganache & drizzle in top. I personally don’t like cold, hard chips. They do not go with the light airy taste if this dish! Ganache: melt 1 cup chips in micro and stir in about 1tbsp cream or milk until smooth. Put in zip lock bag, snip corner and squeeze into top of dessert.

      • Sandra Mort

        Yeah, ganache definitely would be better than the chips. Or even jarred hot fudge if you really insist on using packages. I understand being in a hurry sometimes and DO take shortcuts occasionally but I’m rather baffled by why anybody would prefer instant to real.

  8. Judi

    mmmm It looks dlish!

  9. Eldonna

    Hi, this is a great recipe with a catchy name. Thank you for sharing it. My hubs is on a chocolate pudding pie kick right now. I think I could make these in individual serving containers, say the jelly jar size for him to grab when he wants one. I would use 1 box of pudding, I am even thinking a combination of cream cheese and Greek yogurt, along with the sugar.

    In a pinch I could make him one serving with a chocolate pudding cup! It wouldn’t be as pretty, as a big pan of stuff, but it would be good! but it would be good.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

    • Eldonna- like your single serve idea. Thanks for stopping by! :)

      • Anonymous

        This is like robert redford cake only you use of butter crust bottom mix vanilla and chocolate pudding putting together on top of the cream cheese mix then whipcream and then top it off with chocolate curls

      • There are so many variations for this recipe, and so many different names. Who knew?!

      • Kristi Wright

        Sounds exactly like better than sex cake. We make the crust with crushed pecans with a bit of flour and butter. Yummo!

    • Anonymous

      you could use cupcake tins for individual sizes

      • Kristi Wright

        If u get the aluminum throw away muffin tin, you can cut them into individuals and store them in the freezer if they are paper lined too.

  10. aww man I am so going to try this out on my family and friends . I know I will like it . thank you for sharing this with us.

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