Best Christmas Side Dishes



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When it comes to Christmas time a lot of the focus is put on the presents, but there is something special when everyone is gathered around the table for a warm meal. It’s a special time of the year that everyone tends to look forward to.

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We are hoping to make it even more special with some of our Best Christmas Side Dishes! Many of them are easy to make, and are sure to warm your heart. We included everything from Easy Dinner Rolls, casseroles, and of course pasta salads! And regardless of whether you are making a turkey you can still try our Turkey Gravy that includes instructions on how to make it with or without drippings!

So get started with your meal planning so that you ensure you have everything you need to make your favorite recipes! And don’t forget that many of these can be made ahead of time to take away some of the stress of cooking everything on Christmas day. Especially our cold side dishes such as our KFC Coleslaw Copycat or the Easy Macaroni Salad.


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