Three Ways to Enjoy Chocolate Lasagna!



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Chocolate lasagna roundup

It was a little over a year ago when I first made and photographed Chocolate Lasagna and shared it here at CenterCutCook. It took only a day or two before my Chocolate Lasagna recipe and photograph was ALL OVER Facebook and Pinterest! The recipe went viral and the rest is history! While thousands upon thousands of people have viewed and made the recipe for the original Chocolate Lasagna that I posted, did you know that there are two other ways to get your Chocolate Lasagna fix? Both Chocolate Lasagna Cupcakes and Chocolate Lasagna Parfaits are quickly becoming favorites among Chocolate Lasagna lovers! Below you’ll find the recipes for three fabulous ways to enjoy the ever-so-popular Chocolate Lasagna. 

Chocolate lasagna roundup 2


Which version is your fave?

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